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The 23-24 Season 












Registration Information

Harmony Theater registration for all actors is online through
secure Google Workspace drive.

Complete each form in entirety, in order.
*Complete all forms.
* You can clic
k on each form link below or procede from one form to the next.
* Please note:  Some questions do not apply to all, but are marked mandatory.  If it does not reply, answer none or n/a.
* Be mindful when filling out Sect. E - Harmony Commitment.  
We ask each family/g
uardian to sign up for one Saturday as a greeter and/or safety monitor once in the Fall and once in the Spring as well as other committees.  More details will be discussed at the Open House. 

Registration Links:

                                 Participant Information LINK

                               Medical Forms LINK

                               Release Forms LINK

                               Actor Attendance LINK

                               Harmony Commitment LINK

Print out this checklist, complete, sign and return with payment to registration coordinator, Gail Beigel.


Questions - email Gail,

Portrait with Megaphone

It's time to


for the new

Harmony season!

Click on the links below.

Program Information
Weekly Rehearsals: 9:30 - 12:00 noon
On Time Arrival & Dismissal are IMPORTANT!


*The following activities will occur on a rotating basis:

  • music       

  • dance

  • blocking

  • games

  • crafts and

  • community connections                                            



We will be engaging in a variety of mitigation strategies to ensure the highest level of safety.  At this time, Harmony Theater is mask optional for rehearsals and we do not require proof of vaccine status nor testing. Masks are not able to be worn during tech rehearsals and performances.

If there is a continued health crisis surge or the HTI board feels that in-person rehearsals are not safe or aligned with current Health and Safety practices, HT MAY  transition to virtual rehearsal. Our lines of communication are open.


Additional Info for You:

Mandatory Open House Attendance:  9/16/23, 9:30 am

Each actor and their responsible representative (ie. parent, guardian, etc) must attend Harmony's Open House for a fun
Meet & Greet, Info Session, and Tour.


1)  Registration dues structure for the 2023-24 season provides our actors with 3 payment options: 

  • EARLY/ FULL -  $425 postmarked by 9/09/23

  • EARLY /SPLIT-  $200 postmarked by 9/09/23;
                              $250  postmarked by 1/20/24

  • 1st REHEARSAL SPLIT- $250 hand in at first rehearsal (9/16);                             $250 hand in at 1/27/24


Two submission options: Mail in or hand in payment only!

2)  Facility Cleaning fee- $40.

Harmony Theater rents space and must clean up after each rehearsal and event.  


* You can combine the registration and cleaning fee in one pymnt.

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