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Join the Theater Assistants or Join the Administration Crew

Do You Love Music & Theater? 

We’re looking for friendly, inspirational people to help in a variety of ways.  From running a craft, helping with choreography, designing a webpage, or editing copy, everyone's talents are welcome and appreciated!

Want to Make
a Difference?

Harmony has often been described as filling a hole in your heart you didn't know existed.  To our actors, Harmony is the highlight of the week and it quickly will become yours too! 

And Having Fun
with Friends?

Meet new people with similar interests while also connecting with a variety of people from different backgrounds... open your heart and your
circle of friends! 

Here's What
You Do:

Complete the Contact Us form {HERE}.  We will reach out and offer a time for you to meet with us so you can see what we are all about!  In the meantime, check us out on Instagram,
Facebook & this website to
learn more! 


   Anna - TA
Harmony Theater has brought so much joy and love into my life in the past few years. It’s a beautiful program that not only benefits the actors, but I feel that I am gaining a lot from being there as well.  
Harmony has always been so loving and accepting of everyone.  It’s easily my favorite place to be on any given day.  The Harmony Family genuinely brings so much happiness into my life and absolutely warms my heart.  I love and appreciate all the  kindness and love the staff and participants have shown me since I began my journey at Harmony.


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