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Actors holding cards in performance of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown


    We strive to create, support, and offer opportunities for adults with disabilities to participate in performing arts activities as an avenue for self-expression, social
interaction and community connection. 


Harmony Theater began in 1994 as a performing arts collaborative for adults with disabilities, a population who needed community interaction activities.  A steering committee of professionals and volunteers came together with a common goal to create a performing arts program, proven to:

  • encourage positive self image and social interaction 

  • exercise creativity, imagination, and expression.   

This committee was made up of individuals with extensive experience in their fields of special education and human services.  The list of esteemed organizations includes Gwynedd-Mercy College, Indian Creek Foundation, Montgomery County College, Developmental Enterprises Corporation, St. Joseph's University, the YMCA of Ambler, local school districts,  and other service providers and county government offices.

A year of diligent work from the committee, student volunteers, community volunteers, family members, and of course the 30 actors culminated in the first  Harmony Theater production, Highlights from the Wizard of Oz, on May 6, 1995 on the campus of Gwynedd-Mercy College (now a University). 

In 2012, Harmony Theater, Inc. became an independent non-profit organization and held rehearsals and performances at the Episcopal Church of the Messiah, 
Rt 202, Lower Gwynedd, PA.
The 2020 pandemic brought a unique challenge to the organization.  Due to restrictions on in person activity, Harmony went virtual.  Not only is the theater group meeting online, it is far reaching to interested participants around the country! 


25th Anniversary logo for Harmony Theater




  • Embrace and drive change through the performing arts

  • Create fun and encourage individuality

  • Inspire a creative, compassionate, and adventurous environment

  • Uphold open and honest relationships with communication

  • Nurture positive team and family spirit

  • Be passionate and professional

  • Pursue continued success and growth

We are celebrating 26 years on stage!

     Harmony actors devote over 100 hours to rehearsing and performing per year- FANTASTIC!
     Our theater productions are improved by artistic, technical, and stage enhancements!
     We purchased a professional stage and ADA compliant accessible ramp!

      Harmony has developed a successful volunteer theater assistance program for middle and high school students. 

     We have increased our community presence, reach, and impact!

     Our 95% retention rate for actors, directors, volunteers, and board members is incredible!

     We have expanded our revenue streams in diversified
and innovative ways!
      Harmony responded to the unprecedented 2020 pandemic responsibly and creatively with our ground-breaking virtual experience.

      Outreach of the Harmony virtual experience has expanded far outside our geographic focus, including participants living in other states!

     Harmony earned the 2020 Top Rated honor from Great NonProfits and the 2021 Silver Seal of Transparency from Guidestar.

   We envision Harmony Theater as a community
theater space that would use the arts as a
connection between this population and the
surrounding community. The space would include 
a store front that would serve the public and
financially support the theater activities.           
   Harmony Theater Inc. would provide employment opportunities for all community members of all abilities.   Ultimately, Harmony Theater would provide social and economic prospects for this population in a safe and
supportive environment that maximizes the well-being of each person.



on the BOARD

JEN BASMAJIAN, Theater General Manager

     Hatboro-Horsham School District

GAIL BEIGEL, Family Representative

     North Penn School District

JACKIE MULLOCK, Executive Director



     Centennial School District


     Peaceful Living

     Catholic Human Services
     Archdiocese of Philadelphia

CHRISSY DERBYSHIRE, Recording Secretary
Hatboro-Horsham School District

JODI JACOBY, Corresponding Secretary

     Bryn Mawr College, Retired

     Alzheimer’s Support

JONATHAN O'DWYER, Compliance Officer

     Abbot Downing

BARRY DOUGHERTY, Artistic Director

     Merck & Co.

     Keith Valley Music Theatre

SUSAN GALLAGHER, TA Representative

     Gwynedd Mercy University, Retired

LINDA UNANGST, Facility Liaison

     Methacton School District, Retired

     Church of the Messiah


image of connected hands showing teamwork

    Our board members, administrators, directing staff,
and volunteers are compassionate dedicated professionals, community members, and students representing the theater arts, human services, education, finance, realty,

legal, and pharmaceutical 

SHEILA DARDEN, Member at Large

     Developmental Enterprises Corporation

     Higher Ground Church International

CAROL KRAMER, Member at Large

     Coldwell Banker - Hearthside

CATHERINE CLARK, Founder,1993-2019

JOHN LANCASTER, Member Emeritus

CYNTHIA LOUDEN, Member Emerita

                     Mike Czekner - Treasurer

                     Our daughter, Kimberly, was a member of                               Harmony Theater for three years before she                               began an independent living program.I saw                              firsthand the positive impact Harmony Theater                        had not just on her but all the actors that                                       participate each week.
                           The hard work is evident with each                                           performance but the enjoyment I witnessed                               each week convinced me that I needed to be                             part of Harmony in some small way. So,                                   while Kim was going off to her program I                             continued to do what I had done for many                               years and offered to help wherever needed.                        Harmony was in need of a treasurer and I had the experience of working for over 40 years in a non-profit organization and five years later I continue to use my expertise to ensure the financial resources are available and that Harmony Theater is in a position to grow our outreach to the community for many years to come.

photo of Mike, Board Member
image of text about board members