Virtual Spring Musical Experience

Saturday Morning Fun at Virtual Rehearsal!

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      The Virtual Spring Musical
      Experience is bringing its
theater program straight to your living room!  
The stage IS VIRTUAL.  The activities, expressions, fun,                          connections, and memories ARE REAL. 
As you know, we have a long-standing tradition of engaging, 
      and inspiring our participants with supports.  Through this                  virtual experience, the actors, directors, and TAs are                              collaborating with each other, learning about performance,
      making lasting memories, and having fun - all from the
      comfort of their homes.



Harmony Theater participants and staff are actively engaging             with each other to present a fully virtual performance in May              featuring singing, dancing and sign language.




        9:30  Log in begins- social time among actors
         9:40  Meet with whole group for Open Session 

                     *    announcements

                     *    the Harmony Pledge

        9:50   Warm ups-including singing & dancing

        10:00  Breakout Sessions for small group activities
        11:00   Return to whole group

                      *    closing announcements

                       *    good-bye song

         11:30  Close session