Spring Session: Harmony Evolution

Program Information

The Spring Session is a celebration of our resilient actors, staff, and families who are continuing to grow and thrive.  Count On Harmony to keep moving forward.


We've Gotta Feelin' that you'll love our concert filled with Harmony classics that uplift and inspire.  There Ain't No Mountain High Enough to keep us from entertaining you! We are looking forward to learning together and building the next chapter of Harmony Theater with all of you in 2022!

Our culminating performance will be an OUTSIDE event at our April Spring Fling. 
ALL actors will be welcome to attend in person, and accommodations for filming virtual participants will make it possible for everyone to be part of the show, Harmony Evolution.

Spring Semester Plan  

  • Everyone begins Virtual Rehearsals Feb 19 for 2 weeks.  

  • Rehearsals will include dancing, singing, social time, community connections, and activities. 

  • We will then move to a hybrid model where we will be hosting in person and virtual rehearsals from March 5 to April 30.


In Person Program Option beginning March 5:

  • Meeting times will remain 9:30 - 11:30 am

  • Masks MUST be worn at all times

  • Seating will be separated as much as possible

  • Vaccine and boosters must be complete to attend

  • Symptom protocol will be included in the registration packet

  • Note that drop off and pick up procedures will be altered.  Stay tuned for more information.

Virtual Program Option  beginning March 5:

  • Meeting times move to 11:30 - 12:30.

  • Actors will be asked to record videos to be included in the show, but are also welcome to attend in person and perform live if they are able.


               Program Registration

Info to Know:

                                            - Registration is Jan 23 - Feb 4
                                            - Online registration & payment due  Feb 4                                              
- All submission instructions are in                                                                       Register Link

                                                    Registration Process:

                                             1.  Complete all online forms in the above                                                        'Register link'

                                            2.  Complete and print out paper

                                                  Checklist form

                                            3.  Mail in your check payment and                                                                      Checklist form.  



Additional Info for You:



  •    All actors will pay $125 at registration 

  •    If HT moves forward with the hybrid model, In Person               actors will owe $50 in April

  •    If HT remains virtual, all actors will owe $50 in April.

    (This accounts for the decreased timing of the virtual                        program in the hybrid model)


Opening Meeting:

  • All registered actors and their family member/guardian must attend on February 12, 9:30am. 

  • This is a virtual event, to ensure everyone gets the info. 

  • Please plan to attend with your actor. 


IF there is a continued surge or the HTI board feels that In Person rehearsals are not safe or aligned with current Health and Safety practices, HT MAY opt to remain fully virtual through April.  If that occurs, families will be notified, rehearsal will remain virtual for the season from 9:30 - 11:30 and the April OUTDOOR performance will still occur.  

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