Meet The Theater Staff

Barry Dougherty

 Position at HT: Artistic Director
Years at HT: Since 2001
Favorite HT production and why: Oh, gosh, that's like selecting your favorite child...Umm...
A memory or story from HT: Some of my favorite memories are involving past actors (Peggy Carney and her two front teeth, "Baby Love", Shirley Temple, Gerry as Horton), and so many antics behind the scenes with my fantastic team of directors over the years gallivanting around Julia Ball.
Work you do “for the man”: I'm a Contract Administrator for Office Depot (not the retail store).
Other activities: Director at Keith Valley Middle School and Lower Moreland High School
First show you ever saw: I think my first show was a national tour of CATS in Philadelphia, can you believe it? Then a tour of "Les Miz" and "A Chorus Line"...and I haven't looked first Broadway show was Phantom and my mom took me to see it for my high school graduation!
Best show you ever saw: Oh my're killing me...the most fun I've had was going to see MAMMA MIA with my mom and my friend who was a member of the cast gave us the royal treatment and took us for a tour backstage. We felt like Rock Stars!
Dream part: I'm getting too old to play many of the roles that were dream roles, plus I enjoy directing more than acting lately. Playing Cat in the Hat was pretty special. Don't know if I can top that.

Bruce Elwine

Position at HT: Technical Director

Years at HT: 5

Favorite HT production and why: Neverland. The story of Peter Pan is a childhood favorite, it reminds us that magic is all around us. 

A memory or story from HT: so many, I can’t choose just one; but I do love the greeting I get and all the smiles I see.

Work you do “for the man”: I’m going back to school.

Other activities: tinkering with electronics, doodling “the next big thing”, constantly refining whatever project I’m working on.

First show you ever saw: Charlotte’s Web. 

Best show you ever saw: Ever? I’d have to say “A Christmas Carol”. They had a rotating stage and everything.

Dream part: Stage Crew (not a big fan of performing myself.) 


Christina Fuscellaro

Erin Monaghan

Position at HT: Information director
Years at HT: 11 years
Favorite HT production and why: Broadway: Harmon-A to Z because I loved being a part of the giant kick line of actors. During rehearsals, we practiced the song "One" and it took a lot of staff to help. Each week, the actors were more determined than the week before to do it. By the time the show came, they were so proud of how amazing they had done. It was great to the reactions from both the actors and the audience when we finished the song. It was definitely the look of achievement and pride! 
A memory or story from HT: I don't have a particular memory that stands out for me. There are so many little moments that happen during Saturday morning rehearsals that make it one big memory. I love being able to catch up with the actors about what they did during the week and what exciting news they have. I love when one of the actors comes in and hands me handwritten notes where she has copied the script and then walks away offering breath mints to everyone. There is an actor that loves the 3 stooges and every week walks in and calls one of the staff a "chicken", we respond "turkey" and he becomes one of the stooges. One of the actors is always so excited when the concert or show comes and that enthusiasm just spreads through the entire room. I also love how excited the actors get when we hand out their parts for the spring show. There is always one actor every year that surprises you with how excited they are for that part. The actors are always so helpful to everyone. If one of them is upset or may have drop something on the floor, there is always another actor rushing over to help them. It makes getting up early on a Saturday morning easier. This program definitely fills a hole in your heart that you never knew exist. This amazing group of actors have definitely helped me get through some rough times and always brings a smile to my face. 
Work you do “for the man”: I work in Autistic Support at an area middle school. I spend my day with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and love it!
Other activities: I spend a lot of time with my three nieces. We love to bake, go shopping, swim in our pool, or be outside! I also love spending my time with my dogs, Tucker and Murphy. They are full of energy and keep me on my toes. I enjoy spending time with friends and family whenever I can. 
First show you ever saw: my cousin's high school production of "Oklahoma" 
Best show you ever saw: I thoroughly enjoying the Lion King on Broadway, but Keith Valley Middle School's production of "Lion King" was right there with it.
Dream part: Any stage crew part... I prefer to be in the wings and not in the limelight. I don't like being live on stage, I like helping others bring their dreams to life. 

Directing Team

Barry Dougherty, Bruce Elwine, Erin Monaghan,

Kristen Schada, Holly Schmutz, & Emily Szal

Position at HT: Choreographer
Years at HT: This is my first year! 
Favorite HT production and why: Well, I'd say 101 Dalmatians will be my favorite - it's the only one I will have seen thus far! 
A memory or story from HT: In my time with Harmony, I think the thing that sticks out most in my mind is the excitement and joy that I see in all of the actors week after week while doing the dance warm up I taught them.  It's great to see everyone so motivated. 
Work you do “for the man”:  I perform full time in musical theatre and theatre productions primarily in the tri-state area.  I also choreograph for other theatre companies and schools.  
Other activities:  I love taking all sorts of fitness classes like yoga and cycle as well as spending time with my family and puppy! I also try to explore new places as much as I can. 
First show you ever saw:   The first professional production I ever saw was "A Chorus Line", I believe.  My best friend and I, growing up, had the same birthday, and we also went to dance school together. Her mother took us to see it in Philadelphia for our birthdays! 
Best show you ever saw: This is a hard question to answer! It's a tie between the Broadway productions of "Cabaret", "Waitress", and "Wicked". 
Dream part: Elphaba in "Wicked" or Jenna in "Waitress"

Emeritus Presentation for Catherine Clark

Board Member Shelia Darden accepting on Catherine's behalf from Jen Basmajian, GM.

Jen Basmajian

 Position at HT: General Manager
Years at HT: 16 and counting
Favorite HT production and why: Wonderland was special for me because I was IN it!  I also loved Seussical because, being a teacher, Dr Seuss is a favorite author and I LOVED the stories that were included!  
A memory or story from HT: Sooooo many... I'll let you in on a secret... ONE time we decided to use some really special effects when we were still at Gwynedd... we were at tech day and tried it out for the first time.  FOG.  Well, guess what?  Fog machines set off the fire alarms sometimes... like THAT time.  I have photographic proof of the fire department outside of the theater and the STERN talking to we got from the fire marshal.  YIKES!  
Work you do “for the man”: I teach the most awesome 5 years old at Hatboro-Horsham SD.
Other activities: Producer at Keith Valley Middle School, Secretary at the Hatboro-Horsham Education Association, Traveler, Movie quoter and book-nerd at heart.  
First show you ever saw:  My first Broadway show was RENT!  I took my brother for his graduation gift.  It was AMAZING!  
Best show you ever saw: Everything I've seen professionally has been amazing, but I have a special place in my heart for the shows I help to create.  I LOVE that moment when it all comes together and the magic happens.  
Dream part: I am so happy doing just what I do.  I am NOT an onstage girl!  I love helping to organize, set up, plan and create awesome productions.  I have the most amazing partner in Barry, he is the kite; soaring in the sky with amazing ideas and lofty goals... I hold the string, keep him grounded... and I steer.  

Kristen (10) Schada

Position at HT: Volunteer Director
Years at HT:
Favorite HT production and why: Hmmm....I would have to say the 2016 Fall Concert- What Makes you Different, Makes you was a powerful message and our actors AND staff had a wonderful time signing to some chart toppers and dancing it fun! 
A memory or story from HT: Honestly- there are so many in just the short time I have been with Harmony....Saturday mornings can be tough to leave my warm bed....but once I walk through the doors and get the hugs and the excited updates about what our actors have done this past week- it is an experience that feeds my soul in a way I never knew I needed until I had it. 
Work you do “for the man”: Sales & Marketing....basically I spend my days talking to strangers and figuring out how the product I provide can help promote their company or business. 
Other activities: Rehearsal for another theater program, marketing for The Maxwell Football Club, Wedding Planning...yes that has become an actual activity...but for the most part it is enjoyable and cake tasting is pretty awesome...hmmm otherwise I am spending time with my fiance watching HGTV or Game of Thrones (we were late to the party, but have begun the binge watching), cooking, hitting the gym, singing in the car, shower or anywhere really, reviewing sign language from all of our fall concerts, continuing the quest for the perfect nachos, watching football, or snuggle time with my superstar pup Roxanne. Whew that was a lot...I need a nap now.
First show you ever saw: Phantom of the Opera 
Best show you ever saw: Hello Dolly- Bette Midler...once in a lifetime opportunity that was so good I had to see it twice.... 
Dream part: Can I just BE Patti LuPone? No? Bette Midler? Ok well Rose in Gypsy....but ya know Waitress is just SOOOO GOOD...Becky in Waitress...

Holly Schmutz

Position at HT: Asst. Artistic Director
Years at HT: 15
Favorite HT production and why: My favorite HT production so far has got to be Seussical! That show was so much fun for the actors and the staff!
A memory or story from HT: Every week, one of our actors brings me handwritten notes that she wrote for me and she tells me she loves me! 
Work you do “for the man”: I’m a student! 
Other activities: I love music, arts & crafts, camping, playing with my dogs
First show you ever saw: Les Miserables
Best show you ever saw: Newsies
Dream part: The Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (not kidding!)

Emily Szal

Position at HT: Music Director
Years at HT: 2
Favorite HT production and why: Legend of the Pride Lands (Lion King) 
When the actors sang and signed "Circle of Life" it moved me to tears. Watching those actors sing those words was one of the best parts of that show for me! 
A memory or story from HT: One of my favorite parts of Harmony is walking in on Saturday morning and being welcomed by so many excited faces and lots of hugs. I also absolutely love the performances, because being able to see how much support these actors get makes my heart smile. They're proud of themselves for the great job they do, and their family and friends are just as proud! Honored to be apart of that. 
Work you do “for the man”: Music Teacher 
Other activities: Philly Pops Festival Chorus, private music teacher, Music Director for middle school shows, and Conductor for Musical Theater 
First show you ever saw: Mamma Mia
Best show you ever saw: Jersey Boys
Dream part: Elphaba from Wicked or Dawn from Waitress; mostly because I love the songs those characters get to sing in those shows! Really though, I just want to conduct Jersey Boys, Waitress, Wicked, or Hamilton! 😜