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our mission


Our Mission

We strive to create, support, and offer opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in performing arts activities as an avenue for self-expression, social interaction and community connection. 

Our Values

  • Embrace and drive change through the performing arts

  • Create fun and encourage individuality

  • Inspire a creative, compassionate, and adventurous environment

  • Uphold open and honest relationships with communication

  • Nurture positive team and family spirit

  • Be passionate and professional

  • Pursue continued success and growth

Our Vision

We envision Harmony Theater as a community theater space that would use the arts as a connection between this population and the surrounding community. The space would include a store front that would serve the public and financially support the theater activities. Harmony Theater Inc. would provide employment opportunities for all community members of all abilities. Ultimately, Harmony Theater would provide social and economic prospects for this population in a safe and supportive environment that maximizes the well-being of each person.

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