Harmony Angel Donor Program

Harmony Theater, Inc. is a small, community-based, non-profit organization that raises capital through production ticket revenue, low cost actor tuition, and fundraising events.

As our operational costs increase, we strive to keep ticket prices and tuition affordable for all.

Your generous monetary donation will provide much needed support to our actors and our program so we can continue to produce fall concerts and spring musicals for all to enjoy.

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Thank you to our 2018-2019 Donors


Break a Leg:
Demark, Robbie 
Havpak, Inc., Laurie Hess 
Kneeland, Linda and Chase
Immerman, Bob and Sandy
Patterson, Pat

Opening Night:
Costlow, Rich and Carol 
Demark, Jill 
Didomenica, Eliseo and Darice 
Kneidinger, Marie and Henry 
Knight, Karen 
Peluso, Ellen Hayes 
Wilson, Jennifer A.

Take a Bow:
Dittmar, Debra 
Hadermann, Gertrude 
Lambreste, Julia 
McCann, Karen 


Byrne, John and Barbara